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+ - HP Donates to WebOS's Major Hombrewing Group-> 2

Submitted by Kilrah_il
Kilrah_il (1692978) writes "WebOS Internals Group is the central repository for all the homebrewing done on the WebOS platform, including apps, patches and kernels. Recently it became clear that server infrastructure would fall behind future progress in the WebOS world. "So they asked HP's Phil McKinney, who has arranged to donate an HP Proliant DL385 2u server with 32 gigs of RAM and 8 terabytes of disk space... Notably, this is a straight-up donation, no strings attached — so WebOS Internals will remain how they always have: completely independent from the company whose OS they hack on.""
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HP Donates to WebOS's Major Hombrewing Group

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  • Note that webOS Internals has known about this donation since Jan 20th and that it is NOT an attempt to "buy off" the community.

    Phil McKinney and the staff at Palm Dev Rel are GREAT folks.

    Rick Boatright

    • I understand it is a gesture in (truly) good faith. I thought it would be interesting for the /. crowd to see how a company can have both an easy to use OS and havea customizable and hackable one - in essence, having the best of iOS and Android.

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